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Female Boxer Cathy “The Bitch” Brown

Cathy “The Bitch” Brown talks about being the first ever female boxer to be crowned British Champion, why she enjoys watching MMA, how she once sailed across the Atlantic, and how her hands are classified as deadly weapons.   — Radio Sapiens XXI www.radiosapiens.es Digital Globe Satelite http://radio.garden/live/valencia/radio-sapiens-xxi/  

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Power, Seduction & War

Author Robert Greene talks about the reaction to his best-selling books “The 48 Laws of Power” and “The Art of Seduction”, what he learned from rapper 50 Cent when co-writing “The 50th Law”, how Machiavelli was never a powerful man, and why it is most important to first know yourself and then follow your instincts. — Radio Sapiens XXI www.radiosapiens.es …

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Killing Kittens – Elite Casual Sex

Emma Sayle explains how she founded Killing Kittens as a place for elite casual dating, why Alpha Males have the biggest problems with her feminocentric sex parties, how her business doubled in the recession of 2008, why all women are bi-curious, and how she was unimpressed with the book “50 Shades of Grey.”   — Radio Sapiens XXI www.radiosapiens.es Digital …

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Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion

Biologist & Writer Dr. Rupert Sheldrake explains how each species of animal has a collective memory, his definition of the Science Delusion, how living in India helped develop his theories, why he particularly enjoys 3-way conversations, and how he’s never met anyone as lively and fun to be with as Terence McKenna.   — Radio Sapiens XXI www.radiosapiens.es Digital Globe …

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Exile to Entrepreneur

On this week’s show we host our mutual friend Mike Moghaddas. Mike has led a diverse and interesting life. Originally from Iran, he was smuggled out of the country to Sweden at age 12. He became a top martial artist (judo, shorinji-kenpo and kendo), the youngest founding member of SonyEricsson and now lives in London where he has his own …

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Occupy Wall Street

Brian & Nic Occupy Wall Street at St. Paul’s Cathedral to find out from ground zero what’s really going on from the protester’s points of view.They discuss the pros and cons of capitalism, the difference between banking and bankers, how corporations by definition behave different than individuals, that creativity and business aren’t mutually exclusive, how they refrain from consuming mainstream …

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