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Rinku’s World

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Rinku’s World is a bangla-language cartoon about an average guy who lives at home with his parents and works in a office. He wants to speak English so that he can win the heart of the office girl but he lacks confidence. However, Rinku has his own inner ‘superhero’ who appears whenever he is struggling and helps him overcome his lack of confidence.

Rinku makes a mistake with the 3rd person ‘s’. His boss, Mr Tanvir challenges him to improve. Rinku’s sister Kotha gives him a lesson, but will he remember the rules and impress his colleague Pinky?
Rinku devises a plan to use the third person ‘s’ correctly to impress his boss Mr Tanvir and colleague Pinky. But will he succeed and why does the cat, Mr. Smith, look so happy?

Rinku’s World is a bangla-language English language teaching animation for Bangladeshi learners.

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